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July 16th, 2020 by

What is FordPass?

FordPass is an all-inclusive, totally free app that puts all the tools needed to manage your vehicle in the palm of your hand. FordPass has a broad spectrum of features; you can keep track of past and upcoming service appointments, start your vehicle remotely, find and reserve parking locations before you hit the road, view fuel location and prices, make financing payments, contact roadside assistance, and SO much more! Click here for a full list of app functions.  To sign up, all you need is your email address and VIN. Unsure of how to add your VIN? Click here.

How to activate FordPass:

To activate FordPass;

  1. Download the FordPass app. For iPhone download from the App Store, and for Android phones, the Google Play store.
  2. Enter your Ford Owners account login information. (If you do not already have a Ford Owners account, you can set one up within the app at this point).
  3. Create a touch ID or 4 digit pin for security.
  4. Enter your vehicle information, by selecting My Vehicles, Add Vehicle, enter your vehicle VIN number (or scan it).
  5. Select Finish.
  6. Activate.

FordPass activation can also be done from the “Vehicle Controls” card in FordPass.

Owner Advantage Rewards:

Owner Advantage Rewards is a way to get rewarded for vehicle service and maintenance or new vehicle purchases! Signing up for the program is a breeze; when you accept FordPass’ terms and conditions through the app you’ll be automatically enrolled in Owner Advantage Rewards!

It’s never been easier to collect points. Owner Advantage Rewards Points can be earned through the purchase of Motorcraft or Omnicraft parts, and any associated labor from participating Ford dealerships and by members participating in activities and offers from Ford, through the FordPass App or website. Point-earning opportunities include:

  • Points with new vehicle purchase for completing the following:
    • Purchasing or leasing a new retail Ford vehicle from a participating dealer
    • Purchasing a qualifying Ford Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle from a participating dealer
    • Activating and maintaining FordPass Connect modem
    • Joining FordPass Rewards within 60 days of purchase
  • Points with Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle purchase or lease for joining within 60 days of purchase
  • Having your vehicle serviced (retail repair orders only) at a participating dealer (restrictions apply)
  • Setting a preferred dealer
  • Completing a digital brand experience (e.g., survey, video)

You can redeem Owner Advantage rewards for any qualifying transaction (including a service appointment or new vehicle purchase!) at any participating dealership. A note, Owner Advantage Rewards is ending approximately mid-2020 and getting replaced by FordPass Rewards. We will provide you with updates as the transition takes place. Click here for the most up to date information.

Don’t own a Ford? Don’t sweat it; you can still enjoy all the benefits of Owner Advantage Rewards without owning a Ford vehicle. Points are associated with a member account, not a vehicle. Also, there is no cap on point earning or redemption, so you can collect and redeem as many points as you want!

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