Learn Why the Ford F-150 Is the Best Truck

April 11th, 2017 by

The Ford F-150, Canada's best truck.

The Best Truck?

The level of innovation going into modern pickups is immense. Take the Ford F-150, with its ground-breaking EcoBoost engine and all-aluminum cab and bed. Or the Chevy Silverado, which offers wireless charging for your smartphone, and teen drive to encourage safety for young drivers. Or the Ram Power Wagon’s electronically lockable front and rear axles. And beyond the attention-grabbing upgrades, these vehicles are more powerful, fuel efficient and easy to drive than ever—whether it’s for city cruising or hard-hauling down dirt roads. But which is the best truck?

So, how should you decide between the many models out on the market? Well, besides booking yourself in for a test ride, you should make your decision with a long-term view in mind. If you’ve owned pickups before, you’ll know that once the short-term satisfaction of a new toy is over, you’re going to need a vehicle which will remain dependable and durable for years to come.

As many independent comparisons have already found (see here for instance), the Ford F-150 is generally viewed as the best buy on the market today, beating competitors like the Chevy Silverado on most counts. That said, in terms of horsepower and technology, there’s not a huge difference between many of the market leaders, and, in most scenarios, their differences are not huge. And that’s why the long-term approach is best when thinking about your next truck.

The Ford F-150’s lightweight body will pay dividends

Perhaps the most innovative design on the market, the body of the Ford F-150 is built largely from aluminum. This makes it significantly lighter than the traditional steel-bodied Chevy, meaning it’s easier to handle and less noisy. But, these are surely only minor differences, right? Well, that’s where taking the long-term view with your investment is beneficial. As the price of gas inevitably rises, drivers of the Ford F-150 will save literally thousands of dollars in fuel compared to owners of the Chevy. And it’s not just the Ford’s body which will save you cold hard cash.

The EcoBoost engine boosts your bank balance, too

In production since 2009, the Ford EcoBoost engine has been delivering up to 30% greater fuel efficiency than comparable engines. And the 3.5L EcoBoost delivers best-in-class torque for a V6 engine—far superior to diesel and gasoline powered competitors. This is a machine which can handle your everyday needs well, while keeping costs far lower than its rivals. But, when you need that extra power, the twin-turbo, 24-valve output with direct fuel injection will give you the drive to take you to the next level.

Once again, this is all about the long-term benefits of your investment, and the Ford just makes more sense—you get all that raw power, but with much lower day-to-day running costs.

The Ford F-150 is the best long-term investment

The Ford F-150 has a lot going for it over competitors like the Chevy Silverado. Ford fabricated the cab and box with military-grade alloys. They also packed it with potentially life-saving tech like the new Blind-Spot Information System. And it even beats its competitors on perhaps the most important metric of all for a pickup – towing power. It’s the best on the market, capable of towing 12,200 lbs, over the Chevy’s 11,500 maximum.

But, ultimately, it’s the long-term cost-savings provided by the lightweight aluminum body and EcoBoost engine that really set the Ford apart. Because, while satisfaction of driving a new vehicle might fade, the satisfaction of paying less at the gas station, and visiting less regularly, definitely won’t.