Truck Accessories for Camping: The Good and Bad

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Best and Worst truck bed accessories for camping

If you have an F-150 (or any truck with a box and a tailgate for that matter) and you love camping, then this is the ultimate list of accessories for you. We’ve scanned the internet for some of the handiest, and some of the weirdest, accessories you could ever imagine for your truck bed.

Truck Bed Tents

Pinterest is a great place to start. It’s also a great place to get lost in the amount of camping accessories you never knew you needed. The number of posts people have pinned about truck accessories is overwhelming, to say the least. If you have an afternoon to kill, try searching camping trips in a truck and you won’t be disappointed.

The best place to dive in is figuring out where you’re going to be sleeping. If you don’t have a camper, tents may be on your mind. If you don’t enjoy sleeping on the bumpy ground, your truck bed could come in handy! With a truck bed tent, you can spend your nights under the stars and not have to worry about mosquitos eating you alive! Find a truck tent that perfectly fits your truck bed here.

Swimming pool liner for your truck bedTruck Bed Pools

Who doesn’t love to go for a dip when they’re camping? Swimming is a nice way to cool off during the summer and sometimes there isn’t a lake nearby to jump in. Introducing, truck bed pools! These have recently become popular and there are a few different ways to create the perfect pool in your truck bed. There are a dozen videos on YouTube to attempt a DIY project using tarps and bungee cords, and double the amount of fail videos that look like a pool made of garbage bags that can actually end up damaging your truck.

Luckily, we found Pick Up PoolsThey sell the perfect liner that fits over your truck bed like a glove. One of these Pick Up Pools will set you back $229, but you won’t be thinking about all that money when you’re chillaxing in the pool at your campsite.


Tailgate Accessories and More

Some of these accessories are genius hacks created out of necessity, but others are just a little strange. Here are some more camping accessories we found:

  1. EZ Hitch Tailgate Table
  2. Hitch-A-Toilet (Would Not Recommend)

  3. Hammaka Trailer Hitch Hanging Chairs

  4. Tailgate Grills

  5. Truck Bed Hammock

Which Accessories Do You Love?

Now that we’ve got you thinking about all these great camping accessories for your truck, it’s time to start planning your summer adventure. Which camping accessories did you like the most? Which one could you actually see yourself buying and making use of?


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