Capital Collision Centre: Winnipeg’s Premier Auto Body Shop

April 18th, 2018 by

Capital Collsion Centre

Capital Collision Centre

Whether it’s minor or major, no one wants to be involved in a traffic collision. Aside from the obvious risk of personal harm, a collision means insurance paperwork, time-consuming estimates, and vehicle repairs. While some headaches are inevitable, Capital Collision Centre can help you make the best of a bad situation. What makes Capital the right choice for auto body repair? It starts with the right qualifications.

Certified Auto Body RepairCollision_Repair

You rely on your vehicle to get around safely. And, in one way or another, your livelihood probably depends on it. So, when you damage it, you want to know it’s in good hands. Fortunately, we can deliver that peace of mind. Capital Collision Centre is fully accredited by Manitoba Public Insurance to deliver the highest quality auto body repairs. We have a first-class facility with modern equipment, and our technicians are capable and qualified.

No matter what type of vehicle we’re working on, we adhere to a strict process. We begin each auto body repair with a meticulous repair plan. We outline areas of need and how they’ll be addressed. Then, our technicians get to work, reshaping metal and smoothing every perceptible blemish. Once the surface is smooth, we mask off the vehicle and refinish with the highest quality waterborne paints. Next, we reassemble the panels before finishing with a meticulous quality control check. With careful adherence to our process, we can ensure that repairs meet our own high standards as well as those of the manufacturer.

Aluminum Repair

Since 2014, Ford has been using aluminum in the bodies of its F-Series pickups. It chose aluminum because it’s lighter than steel which confers a boost to fuel economy. Aluminum also absorbs the force of collisions more effectively. However, aluminum is more difficult to repair than steel. It’s much more malleable and has less “metal memory.” That means it’s a challenge to restore aluminum panels to their original shape. Finally, aluminum and steel are mutually corrosive, so auto body repair shops are susceptible to cross-contamination.  

Capital Collision Centre is fully equipped for aluminum auto body repair. We have the modern tools and equipment to do the job right. That includes unique aluminum dent extraction and welding tools. It also means we have distinctly partitioned areas for steel and aluminum repair to prevent cross-contamination between the two materials. If your Ford truck, or aluminum vehicle of any other kind, requires repairs, rest assured that Capital Collision can restore it to its original condition.

Capital Auto Glassreplace windshield in winnipeg

Connected to our collision centre is Capital Auto Glass, an MPI accredited glass repair solution. Chips and cracks in your windshield are impossible to prevent. Not only do these defects impede your vision, which is obviously dangerous, but they will also quickly develop into bigger cracks as dirt and water get between the two panes of glass. Once that happens, your vision becomes further impeded, your windshield will be likelier to break in a collision, and you’ll have to replace your windshield rather than repair it.

A glass chip repair only costs $50 and takes only 30 minutes. Obviously, the cost of windshield replacement is far greater, so stop by Capital Auto Glass for an appointment-freer chip repair as soon as you notice any damage.

Whether you have a chip in your glass, some small hail damage, or your vehicle suffered major auto body damage in a collision, trust Capital Collision Centre with the repairs. Our service is quick, affordable, and always meet the highest standards of quality.