The First-Ever Diesel F-150 – Arriving Soon

May 22nd, 2018 by

Power Stroke Diesel F-150

If you could point to one section of the full-size pickup market that Ford hasn’t been dominating, it would be the diesel section. Quite simply, that’s because Ford has never offered a diesel engine in the F-150, North America’s best-selling vehicle. But that’s about to change. With the introduction of the new Power Stroke engine, Ford will shore up one the last remaining gaps in it’s excellent truck lineup.

Power Stroke Power

The turbocharged 3.0L diesel delivers 250 horsepower and a hearty 440 lb/ft of torque. Towing capacity for the new diesel F-150 is 11,400 pounds which is the best number in the segment. The maximum payload is also a best-in-class figure at 2,020 pounds. And, in the 10-speed SelectShift transmission, you get smooth, precise shifts. Considered as a whole, it’s an understatement to say that this powertrain is fantastic.

  • Best-in-class towing
  • Best-in-class payload
  • Best-in-class diesel horsepower

Fuel Economy

The new Power Stroke F-150 gets fuel economy of 7.84 L/100km on the highway. In the city, you get 10.69 L/100km in the city. These numbers amount to the best fuel economy among F-150 engines. But that’s not altogether surprising considering it’s the only diesel.  More significantly, these numbers are the best EPA-estimated fuel economy numbers among full-size pickups. After all, Ford wasn’t going to make the F-150’s first foray into the diesel less than dominant.

Class-Leading Tech

You can put those numbers to great use thanks to the wealth of technology available on the 2018 F-150. Pro-Trailer Backup Assist, a totally unique feature, is now standard. By turning a knob and watching the backup camera, even a novice can back up a trailer with total confidence. Additionally, the F-150 features other smart towing features like the Smart Trailer Tow Connector and the Blind Spot Information System that now includes trailer coverage. That means you’ll be alerted to vehicles driving beside your trailer where they’re difficult to see.

What’s Next?

Ford has the continent’s best-selling vehicle in the F-150, the best-performing diesel engine, and a range of dominant Super Duty trucks. The only remaining gap is the lack of a mid-size truck. But that’s going to be filled later this year by the new Ford Ranger. At that point, Ford will have filled out its lineup completely. But this is just one part of the reimagining of the Ford lineup. After the Ranger comes the Bronco, a new Explorer, then the mini Bronco, and a performance electric SUV. We are truly entering the age of the truck.

Diesel models of the 2018 F-150 will be available in dealerships starting in May. We’ll let you know as soon as they arrive at the dealership.

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