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Ford Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless Charging

Ford President and CEO Mark Fields has begun the new year with an ambitious statement-of-intent and some exciting new technology. Firstly, Fields says they will be piloting a new fleet program to modernize electric vehicle charging. The system will use installed pads in parking spaces to deliver wireless charging to compatible vehicles. You simply drive up and park your vehicle on the appropriate space, and it charges automatically. Yes, that means Ford vehicles will soon have more sophisticated charging technology than most of our smartphones. If the pilot program goes as planned, we can expect to see wireless vehicle charging deployed more broadly in the future.

2020 Vision

In the same post, Fields also confirmed seven of the 13 electric vehicles Ford will be introducing by 2020. One of those vehicles, which is sure to generate a ton of excitement, is a hybrid F-150 for the North American and Middle-East markets. Because of its namesake, it will have the durability and capability expected of today’s F-150s. On top of that, the battery cell will give drivers the option to turn it into a mobile generator for their worksite. 

With the world recoiling from non-renewable energy sources, the time is right for Ford to take initiative in EV technology. While there are a number of short-range EV options for drivers around the world, there are no true utility options. Consequently, the hybrid F-150 and a proposed electric SUV with a 480 km driving range may be poised to reinvent perceptions about electric vehicles.

Other exciting highlights:

  • Hybrid V8 Mustang
  • Two pursuit-rated hybrids for law-enforcement
  • A fully autonomous ride sharing vehicle without pedals or a steering wheel

The bottom line: if Ford can take the driving experience and power of classic vehicles like the Mustang and F-150 models, and combine it with hybrid technology, it will be a landmark achievement in the auto industry.

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