Ford Certified Aluminum Repair

April 4th, 2017 by

Ford Certified Aluminum Repair

Automakers are perpetually aiming to improve the safety and fuel economy of their vehicles. For that reason, the use of aluminum in vehicle construction is becoming increasingly prevalent. Aluminum weighs much less than steel and has safety benefits, as well. But aluminum has much different repair demands. The same tools and techniques cannot be applied to both steel and aluminum body panels. That’s why you need to ensure you bring your vehicle to a facility certified to restore it to Ford aluminum repair standards.

Aluminum Vs. Steel

Steel has a greater shape retention than aluminum as a result of its natural stiffness. In other words, it’s easier to return it to its original shape once it’s damaged. Aluminum alloys, on the other hand, are quite flexible. In a collision, they absorb more of the crash energy. However, once a collision bends and folds aluminum, it’s very difficult to return it to its original shape .

On top of that, aluminum and steel are highly corrosive to one another. Both metals become compromised in the event of cross-contamination. Aluminum is also a much better heat conductor than steel (approximately six times greater) and more reactive to welding. Therefore, steel welding machines cannot be used for aluminum welds.

Ford introduced aluminum construction in their award-winning F-Series pickups in 2015. They wanted to decrease their trucks’ weight while increasing their strength. As a Certified Ford Dealer, our body shop is fully equipped to maintain and repair this new generation of Ford vehicles. Capital Ford Lincoln only uses first-class, specialized equipment. This equipment includes aluminum MIG welders and aluminum dent extraction systems. Additionally, our technicians have received factory training in aluminum repair.

Ford Certified Aluminum Repair

In the future, stricter fuel consumption guidelines are inevitable. So, we can expect manufacturers to begin using aluminum across their model lineups. You should never compromise on safety and security when having repairing your vehicle. Trust a Ford Certified Aluminum Repair Facility, like Capital Ford Lincoln Winnipeg. We will restore your Ford  to its original strength and specifications.