Ford Fiesta: The Perfect Student Car?

August 22nd, 2017 by

Ford Fiesta: the perfect student car?

People often wonder, “what’s the best student car?” Well, there are a lot of factors at play. It should be safe, obviously. It should also be affordable because your kid will probably scrape the whole side on a bollard. Finally, it should be stylish because I drove a minivan in high school and it lowered my self esteem. So, what hits the bullseye for safety, affordability, and style? The Rolls Royce Phantom, of course! No, I’m kidding – unless your “student” attends the United Nations International School in Geneva. A better bet is the Ford Fiesta. If you can get over its terrible name, you’ll find that Ford’s compact car has a lot to offer despite its small package (and price point).

Cars like the Honda Civic and Toyota Camry used to be touted as the best student cars for their fuel economy, size, and relative dependability. But, in an age where dealers only want to sell SUVs, those two sedans have grown substantially. As a result, the Civic and Camry have worse fuel economy and less pickup than the Fiesta, while also being more unwieldy for new drivers. That’s the first big (small) factor working in the Fiesta’s favour. Thanks to its size, it’s nimble, fun to drive, and it can be parked anywhere. These are all important criteria in determining the perfect student car. 


The Fiesta is built with high-strength, lightweight steel throughout critical safety areas. The front- and second-rows both have curtain airbags. Ford has also included a driver knee airbag. Available rear view camera and Reverse Sensing System. Received top marks in four of five IIHS safety tests. Most relevant to parents of student drivers is the Ford MyKey system. With MyKey, owners can assign speed limits and safety conditions to certain key fobs. For example, you could ensure a driver with one key fob couldn’t exceed 110km/hr or use the stereo before fastening their seatbelt. The feature gives Fiesta owners a little extra peace of mind when sharing their vehicle.


It can be tempting when shopping for a student car to assume used is the best option. But you’re likely to encounter more mechanical issues which can pile up the costs on an expired warranty. Plus, the 2017 Ford Fiesta S has a starting MSRP of just $15,652 (no one ends up paying the full MSRP). Even the top-of-the-line Titanium trim level carries an MSRP of only $23,193 and includes features like SYNC 3 and Premium Sony Audio. Plus, you’ll save every time you visit the pump. The Ford Fiesta gets a combined fuel economy of 7.6 L/100km, and an incredible highway rating of 6.5 L/100km.

A bolder student car.

Fiesta in Bohai Bay Mint with Black Track Wheels.


Whether you choose the sedan or hatchback body, you get the fierce, sporty styling integral to the Ford Fiesta’s identity. The hood is sleek and meets the sharp headlights seamlessly. It’s equally eye-catching in black or something bold like the new Bohai Bay Mint or Blue Candy paint. You can get the colours to match on the inside, too with ten different colour and material combinations for the interior. And, of course, there’s ambient for an extra splash of character. Ford has also refreshed the roster of available wheels to include. My personal favourites, the 16” 8-spoke Black Track wheels, are available on the Fiesta SE. With all the customization options, you can match your Fiesta to your personality.


With a good mix of safety, affordability, and style, the 2017 Ford Fiesta is a great vehicle for students. To check out our inventory and learn more, visit the link below.