Ford GT

October 27th, 2016 by

Capital Ford Lincoln Winnipeg

The all-new 2017 Ford GT is probably the most amazing sports car you will ever see. Keeping up with the Lambo and Ferarri, the Ford GT has a very aerodynamic body and you can just tell this baby is fast! Here are some of the key features of the car.

1. Rear Wing

The rear wing enhances airflow even when not deployed. when it is deployed, it can change shape to optimize airflow and push out more performance.

2. Buttress

The buttresses add strength to the chassis and guide airflow over the car while contributing to drag reduction and efficient airflow management.

3. Ride Height

the height can be lowered 50mm which improves the aerodynamics and lowers the center of gravity.

4. Rear Taillamps

These signature taillamps have an awesome twist. the opening in the center of the lamp vents the transmission and engine oil coolers.

5. Windflow

The Ford GT is designed to move air efficiently at every angle. This means less aero drag and much better performance.

6. Carbon Ceramic Brakes

Ford has integrated performance and stopping power of ultra lightweight Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes.

7. LED Headlamps

A mix of performance and style, the LED Headlamps found on the Ford GT do not lack lustre! LED technology ensures long-lasting luminosity. The horizontal stacking in the headlamp is reminiscent of the original Ford GT