100 Years of Ford Trucks

August 15th, 2017 by

100 years of Ford trucks.

Believe it or not, 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of Ford trucks. And for the latter half of that century, the F-Series has been, inarguably, the best in North America. What’s the key to 100 years of success?

The Birth of Ford Trucks

In 1908, Ford introduced the Model T, perhaps the most significant automobile ever created. It’s affordability, and widespread appeal was profound. But some Model T drivers wanted more power and cargo space. So, in 1917 Ford released the Model TT. Although the TT shared an engine and cab with the T, it possessed a sturdier frame and the capacity to manage a one-ton payload. It didn’t have a “truck bed,” but many drivers bought, or built their own. Regardless, the TT struck a chord with rural drivers, to whom it was vigorously marketed, and by 1928 Ford had sold 1.3 million of them.

In 1925, Ford started selling a Model T Runabout with Pickup Body. It was Ford’s first factory-constructed pickup truck. But the next year, the Model T was ushered into the annals of history by the introduction of the Model A. The truck version of the A was, predictably, called the AA. It doubled the TT’s horsepower (20 to 40) and introduced the electric starter. It was also drastically more refined than the TT. That’s not to say that it came close to something like the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, but Ford trucks could finally bridge the gap between hauling timber and visiting church on Sunday.

The F-Series

In 1948, Ford introduced the F-Series Bonus-Built Trucks, not realizing the name would stick. Ford was encouraged by the stellar sales of trucks in general. Even as urbanization grew after the Second World War, drivers kept their trucks – and continued to buy more. The F-Series, starting with the F-1 took perhaps the greatest leap between the Model T and the modern pickup. The headlights were integrated, the cab was wider, and it had an optional Marmon Harrington All Wheel Drive.

The next big leap took place in 1975 with the introduction of the F-150. By 1977, Ford had finally jumped ahead of General Motors in sales, and coined the famous “Built Ford Tough” slogan. Since then, Ford’s F-Series has only gone from strength to strength, remaining Canada’s best-selling lineup for half a century.

2017 & Beyond

Ford took a risk by introducing aluminum body construction to the F-Series in 2015, but they definitely haven’t regretted it. The combination of military-grade aluminum and high-strength steel has greatly improved fuel economy without compromising strength. For 2018, the F-150 will have another exciting first, a diesel engine. The 3.0L Power Stroke turbo diesel will slot in alongside a number of revamped V6s and V8s. It will also pack tons of interesting technology like Blind Spot Information System, Lane-Keeping, and 360-degree camera.

And for the 2019 model year, Ford will be reintroducing the Ford Ranger. The midsize truck will extend the Ford truck lineup even further as the company continues its mission to coat the surface of the Earth, and much of the sea floor, in Built Ford Toughness. In all sincerity, bringing the dependability and capability of Ford trucks to more drivers can only be a good thing. To learn more about the Ford trucks available right now, hit the link below.