How Much is an Oil Change?

February 25th, 2019 by

A mechanic refilling the oil chamber after changing out the old oil.

The amount you’ll pay for an oil change will vary depending on your vehicle and the type of oil it needs, among other factors. Generally, however, the cost should range from $33 to $66. Here at Capital Ford Winnipeg, our service centre often has service specials for you to take advantage of. What’s more, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is being cared for by experienced technicians at regular intervals. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

How Much Does it Cost for an Oil Change?

The cost of an oil change often varies depending on the make of your vehicle:

  • If your vehicle requires synthetic oil, you’ll typically pay a bit more than conventional oil. Synthetic costs between $60 and $92, however, it lasts longer than conventional oil and is typically reserved for high-performance engines. If you do need a synthetic oil change, it will probably cost more, but you can look at it as about the same as a conventional oil change when you consider that synthetic oil changes last longer. Consult your owner’s manual to find out whether your car requires synthetic oil.
  • Want to get synthetic oil performance at a lower cost? Ask your technician about a synthetic/conventional oil blend.
  • When you go to the service department at a dealership, you’ll usually be charged for little more than the cost of oil and labor. Why is this? We view a routine service like an oil change as a chance to show you that you can trust us for any and all services you need to be done in the future.
  • If you have other issues with your vehicle that you’d like to ask about, an oil change is usually the perfect time to do so. If you’re experiencing a problem with your brakes, steering, or ignition, consult one of the dedicated technicians here at Capital Ford Winnipeg. We’re happy to perform a quick inspection while we have your vehicle to see what the issue is.

You Can Count on Capital Ford Winnipeg for an Oil Change

When you choose the service centre at Capital Ford Winnipeg, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Our certified technicians are trained to know all the ins and outs of your vehicle, providing you peace of mind that your vehicle is in capable hands.
  • Drivers who have their vehicle on a maintenance plan may get oil changes at little to no cost.
  • Most drivers have probably heard that dealerships charge more than auto shops for oil changes, but this is simply not true. To get our most up-to-date pricing, give us a call at .

Schedule your next oil change or Ford warranty service with us today!

Service Specials at Capital Ford Winnipeg

Health Care Providers Save 15% at our Service Department

To our Health Care Providers, we appreciate everything you do!

We would like to give you something in return. A 15% OFF Discount in our Service Department for the months of May & June. Simply show your credentials to our staff and we will honour the discount.

Your friends at Capital.

Cannot be combined with any other offer. Some restrictions may apply. 15% off is a discount on parts and labour. Offer Ends June 30,2020.

EXPIRES: 06/30/2020
ALL Cabin Filters Installed $84.95

It’s important to change your Cabin Filter as it protects large particles from entering the engine intake. We can install ALL Cabin Filters for ONLY $84.95, Regular: $101.14!

EXPIRES: 06/30/2020
Staff Pricing on Tires

Get ready for the season ahead with NEW Tires!

For a limited time, we’re offering Staff Pricing on Tires! That means you pay what WE PAY! Choose from our selection of tires including ALL major brands such as Good Year, Michelin, and more!

EXPIRES: 06/30/2020
$25 OFF 4 Wheel Alignment

After a long few months of driving in rough winter conditions, your vehicle alignment can be thrown off affecting your vehicle’s suspension. Ensure optimal steering, tire wear, increased gas mileage, and overall performance with a 4 Wheel alignment. For a limited time, receive $25 OFF your next 4 Wheel Alignment!

EXPIRES: 06/30/2020
15% OFF ALL Accessories

Spring is the perfect time to add a few new gadgets to your vehicle! Receive 15% OFF ALL Accessories. Choose from floor mats, grilles, racks, splash guards, remote starters, and so much more! Once you’ve chosen your accessories, we can install them for you. Your vehicle is going to look fresh when you hit the streets!

EXPIRES: 06/30/2020
Service Health Check $49.95

Now is the perfect time to get a Service Health Check. Our trained technicians will assess fluid levels, lights, tires, and more – ensuring that you are aware of any additional maintenance that may need to be performed for optimal driving! Bring your vehicle in for a Service Health Check for ONLY $49.95!

EXPIRES: 06/30/2020

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