Manitoba Tough Ep 2 – Brady Smith

October 3rd, 2017 by

Brady Smith

To Minnedosa’s Brady Smith, getting 24 stitches on the back of the head is just the cost of doing business. That’s because he’s a championship bull rider. Growing up, he watched his father ride bareback horses in the rodeo, and began working on his own dream. His colleagues may trample, bruise, and beat him on a daily basis, but Brady continues to deepen his resolve. Every day, he works toward challenging bigger and tougher bulls. Now, he also plans on competing at NFR, the world championship of rodeo. Watch Brady Smith talk to Blue Bomber legend Chris Walby in the latest installation of Capital Ford Lincoln’s Manitoba Tough.

Manitoba Tough

In the Manitoba Tough series, we explore the stories of people who demonstrate the courage, resilience, and selflessness that best represent our province. Click here to learn more about Manitoba Tough and to watch previous episodes.


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