Prepared for Precipitation: Rain-Sensing Wipers

June 26th, 2018 by

What Are Rain-Sensing Wipers?

Rain-sensing wipers are an innovative way to keep your windshield clear. It works similar to Autolamp headlights, which detect darkness and turn the headlights on or off as needed. Many Fords in the lineup have standard rain-sensing wipers and they’re an available option for others. In most cases, the rain-sensing wipers will replace intermittent wipers.

How Do Rain-Sensing Wipers Work?

The wipers aren’t just a system that you hope works when it comes as an option on your vehicle. It’s a science. We’re not going to get into the technical jargon, just the basics: the windshield has a sensor on the top of your windshield that detects moisture. When the rain falls, the wipers will automatically turn on to a setting necessary to keep your windshield clean. You can turn it off if you prefer to control the speed of your wipers.

This part is important: keep the sensor part of the windshield clean and clear of debris, especially snow or ice buildup, to ensure wipers operate properly.

How Do I Turn Rain-Sensing Wipers On?

  1. Starting from the off position, check your wiper stalk and look for the “Auto” setting (it should have an A on it) and flip the stalk up once to select it.
  2. Choose the sensitivity: choose a higher setting for faster wipers and lower setting for a slower speed. If you don’t mind a few raindrops on the windshield, the least sensitive setting is the right one for you.
  3. When you’re going to wash your car, turn the automatic setting off. You do not want to be in the middle of a car wash with the rain-sensing wipers turned on. Those wipers will be working overtime (for no reason). Just turn them off.

Ford Models With Rain-Sensing Wipers

The option is standard on models like the EcoSport SES and Titanium, C-MAX Titanium, Taurus Limited and SHO, Flex Limited, Explorer Sport. You can opt for rain-sensing wipers in the Ford Escape SEL and Titanium, Edge SEL, Titanium, and Sport trims.

Is It Worth It?

People would argue, what is the point? Well, it’s truly about convenience. You can keep your focus on the road, especially during a rainstorm, while your wipers do the work for you. Do you prefer to unlock your doors by going around to each door? By clicking a button to unlock all of them? Or even just use a touch on the handle to do the same thing? Technology is ever-growing and constantly striving for safety and convenience. Limiting distractions is a very good thing: instead of fumbling for the right setting and ultimately taking your eyes off the road to figure out which setting is right, your car can take care of the windshield while you keep your eyes on the road.

Usually, you become comfortable with the options in your vehicle after some time and if you’re buying a new vehicle, our Product Specialists will be able to answer any questions you have. We highly recommend taking time to familiarize yourself with the options in your vehicle when you’re parked – obviously do not do this while driving. Safety first!