Get Winter Tires in Winnipeg at Capital Ford Winnipeg

Installing winter tires in Canada is incredibly important for safe driving around Winnipeg during snowy or icy conditions. Are you now asking yourself, "Where can I get tires near me?" Capital Ford Winnipeg has you covered! We serve as your one-stop Canada tire shop for all of your winter driving needs. Why are winter tires so crucial to get around Winnipeg this season? Find out below!

Importance of Winter Tires in Canada
The best way to prepare for the winter months and prevent problems before they occur is to install winter tires on your Ford. Specifically, Selkirk drivers should have four matching winter tires installed for optimal safety. That means avoiding mixing and matching old and new tires, as the variations in tread wear will result in reduced traction. You can conveniently take care of Canadian tire online ordering with our Parts Department if you're in need of brand-new tires.

Otherwise, what are the benefits of a Canadian tire in Winnipeg, MB?
  • Winter tires are more flexible as temperature drops, meaning they can conform better to the road for more controlled handling.
  • They boast unique tread patterns with wider grooves for enhanced traction.
  • Steinbach-area drivers will experience superior resistance against hydroplaning with winter tires.

Additional Winter Driving Tips
In addition to taking advantage of our convenient Canadian tire hours and Canadian tire online ordering to have winter tires installed, Brandon-area drivers can do the following to drive safely during the winter:
  • Maintain the correct tire air pressure for the best possible handling, traction, and durability of your winter tires in Canada.
  • Visit the Capital Ford Winnipeg Service Centre for a complete vehicle inspection and winter preparation. Get The "Works" at our dealership!
  • Pack an emergency kit filled with essentials and cold-weather gear in case you get stranded. You can even order one directly from us.
  • Avoid driving in bad weather conditions as much as possible. If you need to get somewhere, allow for extra travel time and check weather and road conditions before you head out.

Schedule Your Winter Tire Installation with Capital Ford Winnipeg!
Ready for your Canada tire installation? Get in touch to schedule service with Capital Ford Winnipeg today to get your winter tires installed, so that you can hit the area roads with confidence this winter. Check out our Winter Tire Program while you're here!