How to Program Ford Key Fobs

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Your Ford key fob promotes convenience for your Winnipeg drives. Not only do you have easy access to get in and out of your car, but some fobs for new Ford models also allow you to start the engine with push-button start or offer remote start functionality. As such, ensuring that all key fobs are properly programmed is crucial. Find out how to program a Ford key fob with these simple Ford key fob programming instructions from Capital Ford Winnipeg! 

Ford Key Fob Programming Guide

The Ford key fob programming process should take no more than a few minutes out of your busy Selkirk schedule. Just follow these steps:

  1. Get into your car with the key you wish to program, and ensure all doors are closed.
  2. Open the driver-side door and press the UNLOCK button.
  3. Turn the ignition from OFF to RUN 8 times, all within 10 seconds. The final time should end on RUN to enter you into programming mode.
  4. Your door locks should cycle between lock and unlock to indicate that you’ve entered programming mode. If they don’t, try again, turning the key faster.
  5. Within 8 seconds of door lock cycling, press any button on the Ford key fob you wish to program. Your doors will cycle again to confirm programming has been completed.
  6. Repeat the process for any additional key fob you wish to program.
  7. When all Ford key fob programming is finished, turn the ignition to OFF. The locks will cycle once more to indicate the end of programming.

Ford Key Fob Programming Tips

As you go through the above Ford key fob programming process, you may encounter some difficulty. For example, if you can’t get the door locks to cycle, it may be because you don’t have keyless entry. There’s also a chance that your key fob has a low or dead battery and requires a replacement. If you have any doubts or need help, schedule service with Capital Ford Winnipeg near Steinbach today!

Get More Advice from Capital Ford Winnipeg

Having trouble with your Ford key fob programming? Get in touch with Capital Ford Winnipeg to get your questions answered! Our certified technicians can walk you through how to program a Ford key fob and provide advice on other parts-related questions, including the benefits of genuine OEM Ford parts or how to connect to Ford SYNC®.

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