How to Connect to Ford SYNC®

August 16th, 2018 by

When you’re driving a new Ford vehicle, you can take advantage or a variety of advanced technology features like Ford SYNC®. Luckily connecting to SYNC® as simple as following instructions of your Bluetooth®-enabled phone and infotainment screen right on the infotainment screen of your Ford. However, depending on the model year of your vehicle, the process may differ slightly. Read to bring connectivity to your Winnipeg drive? Read through Capital Ford Winnipeg’s Ford SYNC® setup guide!

Connect to Ford SYNC® on Newer Models

Generally, connecting to SYNC® gets easier and easier with each model year. The process is essentially the same on 2017 or newer models. However, select 2015 and 2016 models equipped with Ford SYNC® include:

  • 2015 models: Edge, F-150, Focus, Mustang
  • 2016 models: Escape, Edge, F-150, Focus, Mustang

After you turn on your phone and start your vehicle, you’ll want to turn on the radio/SYNC® system and follow these easy steps:

  1. Activate Bluetooth® on your phone
  2. Press the “Phone” button on your infotainment screen, then press “Add”
  3. Once you reach the Bluetooth® menu, search for pairings and select SYNC®
  4. A six-digit PIN number will appear on the SYNC® screen. Ensure that it matches the number that comes up on your phone
  5. After you’ve connected, you will see a message on the SYNC® screen labelled “Phone is connected”
  6. Next, you can opt in for (or ignore) more phone options shown, including connecting your phonebook to your system
  7. If your phone asks you to allow SYNC® access, click “Yes”
  8. If paired correctly, SYNC® will now display on the “Phone Menu”

And that’s it! After you follow these quick eight steps, your phone will be paired with SYNC® and you can access plenty of connectivity features on the Steinbach roads.

How to Connect SYNC® to an Older Model

If you’r driving an older used Ford with SYNC®, or a Ford model not mentioned above, the process to connecting is slightly different. After you turn on your phone, car, and radio/SYNC® system, follow these steps to pair:

  1. Enable Bluetooth® on your phone
  2. Press the “Phone” button in order to open the menu on your car’s infotainment screen
  3. Press “Ok”, then press “Add a Device.” Next, you should press “Ok” again
  4. When you are prompted to pair SYNC® with your device, press “Ok”
  5. Press “Ok” again when a prompt comes up saying to search for SYNC® on your phone
  6. Locate SYNC® on the Bluetooth® menu, then press
  7. Once you receive a six-digit menu on the screen, enter it into your phone
  8. Next you can opt for or ignore phone options like pairing your phonebook
  9. Press “Yes” on your phone when prompted to grant access to SYNC®
  10. You can now exit the pairing process by selecting back arrow, selecting “Exit”, then pressing “Cancel” on your SYNC® screen
  11. Stay Connected On-the-Go with Capital Ford Winnipeg

    If you’re been wondering to yourself, “How can I sync my ride?,” it’s as simple as following the above instructions. If you run into any issues and need help troubleshooting Ford SYNC®, be sure to to contact us for assistance! If you have any further questions about how Ford Sync® works, feel free to ask us at your next oil change! We’ll help you pair your SYNC® compatible phone to your Ford, and we can help with Ford key fob programming, and show you how to use the Ford Remote Start system as well. We look forward to helping you stay connected on your drive.

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